ISLA Profile: Lady Johana Cuervo

Lady Johana Cuervo, Fútbol ISLA’s bright, dedicated and determined athletic coordinator, has been involved with ISLA since its beginnings in 2012. With family roots in Colombia and Mexico and younger siblings attending ISLA’s heritage language classes, Lady recognized the importance of being bilingual in the modern world and reached out to Executive Director Jenice Ramirez to join the program herself. Lady was in the first group of older students in the secundaria classes. When Lady expressed interest in doing more for the organization, her motivation and enthusiasm led to her role as the athletic coordinator of Fútbol ISLA, a unique youth soccer program launched last year. Lady is in her second year at Durham Technical Community College, and as a result of her work with ISLA students and families, she recently changed her career path from nursing to social work.

As athletic coordinator, Lady raises funds, organizes practices, recruits coaches and plans game days for Fútbol ISLA. Under her direction, the program has garnered tremendous support and interest. Kids join to play recreational soccer while speaking solely in Spanish throughout practices and games. Connecting with parents, the local community and sponsors, Lady is raising funds to make the program affordable to low-income families. Look for her on the field this spring where she will be welcoming new and returning players in the second season of Fútbol ISLA.

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